Irreplaceable Cultural Heritage of Sandaohaizi Destroyed in The Name of Tourism in Xinjiang.




Sandaohaizi valley is located in Altai Mountains in the borders of Russia, Mongolia and China. There are a wide range of precious wildlife and plants and cultural remains and ruins, which possess countless historic and cultural value and scientifically value.

First of all, some researches upon cultural heritage of Sandaohaizi are able to provide a platform of having knowledge of interaction between Asian and European grasslands.

Additionally, Altai Mountains and Tianshan Mountains are the key to combination of various races, gender and nations even different ethnic groups. Here the natural and climate conditions are terrible and horrible even unfavorable for human beings to settle down and survive. To some extent, it is a test for them to make a living in such area.

In that case, it is high time that established specialized conservation area. The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), serving as a nationwide non-profit public foundation and a social legal entity dedicated to biodiversity conservation and green development, plans to take constructive countermeasure to improve it.

More information considering such case will be provided later.




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