Win-win Cooperation between “Run my silkroad” Project and CBCGDF’s Publicity of “One Belt One Road” Initiative

On O142627848272569696ct.19, secretary general Mr Zhou Jinfeng met with Mr. Kai Markus who is an organizer of “Run my silkroad” project. The main agenda of this meeting is to introduce our foundation to him and also to make known to him our intentions to combine our China protected area project to his running program. Mr Zhou told him about our foundations intention to help the project by contacting local government, the media and publicity. He also made mention of the foundation helping his project raise funds through the wechat platform. Mr Kai also mentioned about a Platform called “APP” to help fund the project, this platform is comprised of 3 sections namely the environmental protection, medical welfare and children’s education. These sections will enable interest people to donate money based on their interested sections.

Also in the meeting they discussed more about the “one belt one road” initiative. According to Dr. Zhou, we intend to use this program as a medium of publicizing the “one belt one road” initiative to the world with the purpose of introducing a low cost efficiency productivity, biodiversity and ecological protection of the areas along the belt for the benefit of the general public and to improve the living condition of the people. We also intend to use this medium to introduce the world to a mutual transmission of market force. Mr Kai made us understand that the Germans have two perspective of the one belt one road initiative, one of the perspective is that the Germans see it as a good way to strengthen the mutual relationship between both countries and the other perspective it that they feel china is using this method to gain more power in other countries. Our foundation has invited him to be our ecological one belt one road ambassador.



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