Environment Public Interest Litigation against Taobao Website and Shenzhen Sumei Company Brought by CBCGDF Filed by the Court

CBCGDF has been found recently that Shenzhen Sumei company illegally sell “vehicle annual inspect instrument ” on taobao website to help motor vehicle pass the emissions test. Vehicles with excessive emission can pass the annual inspect using this instrument and illegally run on the road, causing great obstruction to the prevention and control of air pollution.

Taobao(one of the largest online retail website in Chia) failed to establish or implement effective supervision institution in accrodance with related laws and regulations. As a result, a large amount of illegal products were sold on this third-party trading platform, severly damaging public health and interest and leading to longlasting environment demage.

Therefore, CBCGDF brought a public interest litigation to Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, demanded that, first, stop Sumei company from producing the illegal instrument, second, stop taobao from providing the trading platform for relevant sellers, third, the accused two parities should take the jointly liability to pay the environmental remediation cost of 151,765,000 RMB. Today CBCGDF has submitted related materials to Hangzhou Court with the hope of improving the air quality which has long been impacted by smog.



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