EBRs initiative (Ecological Belts & Roads initiative) and CMS Workshop

The workshop on Oct 29, 2016 host by CBCGDF was jointly held by UNEP/CMS secretariat and IUCN China Office.Officials and experts also attended the workshop to explore the ecological environmental protection in China. The appeal to the public was proposed by CBCGDF and IUCN Northeast Asia Project on the meeting, including not to participate in the illegal poaching and trade, to take effective actions to protect migratory birds and habitats and so on.


One of the most important achievement of workshop is Ecological Belts&Roads (EBRs initiative) to protect migratory species. To enhance the influence of the Convention in China and globally, CBCGDF will set a China office of CMS secretariat.


1029 workshop is a successful demonstration of our foundation to arrange dialogues and push forward cooperation. Based on our experience and achievement in China we would like to hold a world forum of EBRs workshop in Cop12 in Philippines, and jointly make the Declaration of EBRs with state parties of CMS conference.


NGO can do a lot. Cbcgdf will shoulder the responsibility of an NGO to “green” the globe. We are dedicated to push NGOs in the world especially the non-member countries in the white area to participate in the protection of migratory animals.



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