CBCGDF Delegates Attend Yellow Breasted Bunting Workshop Program in Guangzhou Day One



During the discussion of the Conservation measures

The yellow breasted bunting workshop held in guangzhou was attend by delegates from the china biodiversity conservation and green development foundation (Dr. Wang Haibin and Mr. Harrison Ikhumhen) other participant of the workshop includes delegates of NGOs and research institutes in Japan, Russia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Germany, Hong Kong, Vietnam, republic of Korea and China

Day one of the the workshop includes  an introduction to migratory birds and the yellow breasted bunting, mrsimbachan of the birdlife international who is the host of the event started with an opening speech and a brief introduction to the workshop including  the goals and action plan of the workshop, it was then followed by some presentations on the recent research and studies on yellow breasted bunting and other bunting species carried out by researchers from Mongolia, Japan and Russia.

Later on a short presentation on the status of yellow breasted hunting in other countries and district was carried out by representatives from Russia, Republic of Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and other countries. Their presentation gave us an understand of the status and current observations on the yellow breasted buntings and some possible causes of the reduction in the number of this bird.

The last quarter of the day involved presentations from researchers on conservation of the yellow breasted bunting and these presentations includes  Monitoring by bird census in Japan by MutsuyukiUeta of the Bird research Japan, Banding and yellow breasted bunting information analysis in Japan by Kiyoaki Osaki of Yamashina Institution for Ornithology, study on the decline of passerine species in Hong Kong by Yu Yat Tung of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society(HKBWS), Case study on conservation education to stop illegal hunting at Leizhou by Vivian Fu of the HKBWS, case study on preventing illegal hunting in Japan by Seiji Hayama of the wild bird society of Japan (WBSJ) and the last presentation for the day was by Dr. Borja Heredia of the CMS secretariat on CMS task force on illegal killing of Birds in the Mediterranean region.



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