The 11th Annual Meeting of the International Conference on Genomics (ICG-11)


The 11th annual meeting of the international conference of Genomics org461723806669647096.jpg
anized by BGI was held from Friday 4th November to Sunday 6th November, 2016 at the newly opened China National GeneBank, Dapeng peninsula Shenzhen.



Key scientific leaders, industrial veterans, young researchers and scientific enthusiasts from all over the world attended this meeting. Also attending this meeting was the secretary general of the China Biodiversity Conservation And Green Development Foundation Dr. Zhou Jinfeng.


The advisory board members of this meeting included the CBCGDF’s Senior Adviser Professor Fred Dubee.  Following the “Need By all, Owned by all, Done by all, Shared by all” spirit, the main goal of this meeting was to reinforce and expand collaboration in Omics research at all levels, as well as focus on topics related to precision medicine and healthcare, omics efforts to improve agriculture and alleviate poverty, green ecology and bio-economy, biodiversity and 461723806669647096.jpgso much more. Following this goal the CBCGDF’s team fully participated in this meeting with Dr. Zhou Jinfeng giving a speech on China’s NGO’s Dedication on Biodiversity Conservation for the Future benefit of the Local communities. On behalf of Dr Zhou, this speech was presented by CBCGDF’s representative Harrison who used the opportunity give the audience an introduction to the organization (CBCGDF), the good work this organization has been doing with regards to conserving biodiversity, and the future plan of the organization on biodiversity conservation and the formation of a platform to help the people and the local communities in the future. The presentation caught the attention of some expat who commended the efforts of the CBCGDF and showed interest in working with the organization (CBCGDF).



A panel discussion on the topic “Societies of the Future” started immediately after the presentation which was hosted by CBCGDF’s Fred Dubee, members of the panel also included our very own CBCGDF’s Secretary General Dr. Zhou who was represented by Harrison.



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