Yellow Breasted Bunting Workshop Day Two

Based on the information gathered on day one from the presentations of researchers and several organisations from several countries about their findings on the current situation of the Yellow Breasted Bunting(YBB),  on day 2 the participant of the workshop were divided into different groups to discuss and come up with an action plan to conserve the YBB as well as other species of migratory land birds. The groups were divided based on different topics such as the research group, the Conservation measures group and the CEPA (Communication, Education and Public Awareness) group. After few hours of discussion each group came up with ideas which is intended for drafting the action plan to conserve the YBB. For the research areas they came up with possible research areas which includes finding out wintering grounds and stopover sites, increasing the banding effort, improve information exchange between researchers, compile existing data from recent researches on this specie, collect information on trap sites and number of birds captured annually and so on.

The group for the conservation measures discussed issues such as the threats on the YBB which includes hunting by trapping (using mist nets) and poisoning, change in agricultural practices, habitat changes, lack of awareness and so on. Also on the threats, they discussed on some issues that are likely to cause the reduction of the YBB and this includes the availability of cheap mist nets, globalization, and economic development. also in this group, they came up with some possible conservation measures such as alternative livelihood projects, updating the national protection status of this species, study on the commercial industry and international network contributing to the trade of the YBB, support from the Government of flyway countries and establishment of task force/ workshops for the conservation of the YBB. Many other issues on the conservation measures were also discussed in this group. And lastly the CEPA group came up with ideas such as educations, video promotions via youtubes and other social medias, promotion of bird appreciations by training the general public to report cases of killing of YBB by patrolling markets, restaurants and so on. This group also discussed on creating an online platform to promote the YBB, raising awareness by including this species in stories and school curriculum and lastly they discussed about informing government officials to list YBB as a national protected species, specify that the use of mist net is illegal etc.  After the discussion of each group some suggestions were provided and discussed as well. All this ideas and suggestion of the three different groups is intended to be used as the preliminary draft of the action plan for conserving the YBB, the first draft plan after comment input is scheduled to be ready by february 2017 while the final draft of the action plan to be handed in to the CMS is scheduled to be ready by May 2017 before next year before the next CMS COP12 scheduled to be held in October 2017.


Dr Wang Haibin(CBCGDF) and Dr. Borja Heredia (CMS Secretariat)



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