CBCGDF Signs Partnership Agreement With CMS During The 45th Meeting of the CMS Standing Committee

687924731532071505.jpg(Photographs from Aydin Bahramlouian / CMS)

The 45th meeting of CMS standing Committee held in Bonn Germany from 9th to 10th November was attended by dignitaries from all over the world including the Secretary General of the CBCGDF Dr. Zhou and during the event, he had the opportunity to speak on the topic “Systematic Approach of Conservation of Migratory species.” In his speech he educated the audience about CBCGDF and the work the foundation has done towards the conservation of endangered species, cultural relics, historic sites and so on. He talked about how the foundation established concepts such as the China Conservation Areas (CCAfa), Environmental Public Interest Litigation (EPIL) and the Bird Watching Contest with the sole aim of achieving those goals.

He also discussed about Dr. Chambers trip to china to attend the just concluded Ecological Belt and Road and CMS workshop held on the 29th of October 2016 in Beijing China. The workshop was hosted by the CBCGDF in conjunction with UNEP/CMS secretariat and the IUCN china office. He concluded by discussing about the Ecological Belts and Roads initiative (EBRs initiative) here he talked about the most important achievement of the workshop which is the EBRs initiative which is aimed towards protecting migratory species and their habitat.

631361026253936353.jpgWith the CBCGDF’s commitment towards conserving migratory species and their habitat, on the 9th of November 2016 during the Meeting of the CMS Standing Committee, the foundation signed a Partnership Agreement with CMS hence making the CBCGDF their first formal Chinese NGO partner.

833049961169577098.jpgCMS Executive Secretary Dr. Bradnee Chambers and the CBCGDF Secretary General Dr. Zhou Jinfeng signed the agreement in margins and according to a statement by Mr. Chambers, he said that “China is one of the most Mega diverse countries in the world with more than 200 CMS listed species and has a rich cultural and scientific heritage.it engages in extensive work to conserve and manage the world’s resources of wild animal species. Our first agreement with a Chinese partner aims to explore the countries huge potential by involving it even more in conserving migratory species and their habitats across the region.”

Dr. Zhou in his statement mentioned that the foundation looks forward in working with the CMS to ensure a trans-boundary conservation of migratory species most especially the migratory birds and iconic CMS species which includes the snow leopard and the Saiga Antelope. He also mentioned how this foundation is going to help raise the profile of the convention in china and other regions.

493153295329507383.jpgIn raising the profile of the convention in China and beyond, the CBCGDF intends to launch an initiative to promote and support the convention. This initiative will also enable the foundation cooperate with NGOs of Countries which are not yet parties to the CMS, including Russia, North and South Korea hence convincing these countries to join the Convention.





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