“Abandon Solar and Wind Power Generation”

On August 15th, 2016, CBCGDF addressed a letter to State Grid Corporation of China reflecting on the practice of their local companies in “abandoning solar and wind power generation”. Such action restricts the development of wind power generation and photovoltaic industry, thereby causing an increment in the use of coal-fired power generation increases hence severely polluting the air and environment.

As we know, “abandoning solar and wind power generation” will constrain the development of these clean energy industries and encourage the coal-fired power generation. This action is against our country’s sustainable development policy of preventing air pollution, promoting the development and utilization of renewable energy resources and realizing sustainable economic and social development. It is also contrary to the development strategy of eco-civilization construction.

State Grid Corporation of China is responsible for the supervision and administration of local grid companies. According to the letter written by CBCGDF, the State Grid Corporation of China was asked to solve the following three problems:

  1. Some companies not acknowledging the full acquisition of renewable energy.
  2. The illegal generation scheduling of some companies.
  3. Wind power generation enterprises being forced by some companies working with the local government to sell electricity below standard electricity price.


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