The Second Tianjin Coastal International Birding Festival

The Second Tianjin Coastal International Birding Festival, co-hosted by CBCGDF, started up on 19 November. Jinfeng Zhou, secretary general of CBCGDF made a speech on the importance of the Festival in improving people’s awareness in bird conservation. Invited guests did a field research in the North Grand Port wetlands, Tianjin.




Dr Zhou mentioned that Birding Festival is not only a cultural event for birding watching but also an essential move in the construction of eco-civilization. More people should be encouraged to take part in the event to watch and protect birds and promote the construction of eco-civilization. This event is not only for photography and bird watching, most importantly, we should conduct in-depth study on the migration of birds, protect its habitats and reflect on the relationship between birds and human. As ecology is an important composition of the community of human destiny, we should deepen our understanding of eco-civilization. He hoped that the event could connect bird lovers across the country and the world to build the band of Tianjin Birding Festival.


Media from China Daily, Tianjin Daily, Tianjin Radio and Binhai new-area TV station interviewed Dr Zhou. He said that coastal wetland is the key route for the global migratory birds, especially the intertidal zone like North Grand Port. Proposal of protecting intertidal zone from Mr Xie, Director of CBCGDF has attracted broad attention and Tianjin government responds positively and considers to take measures to protect migratory birds and its habitats.





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