Words from Jane Goodall To Commend the Efforts of CBCGDF


On November 7th, 2016, secretary general Dr Zhou had lunch with Dr Jane Goodall the founder of the Jane Goodall Global Institute. During their meeting, they exchanged views on their recent work with Jane Goodall speaking highly of what the CBCGDF has achieved so far. A book called Hope for Animals and Their World was given to Dr Zhou as a gift from her and on a page inside was a message written by her with respect and admiration To Dr Zhou saying, “Together we can make this a better world for all life”.


                Jane Goodall(Middle) Dr. Jinfeng Zhou (Left)

China is known to be one of the biggest destinations for illegal ivory smuggling in the world, the increased number of ivory smuggling and black market are causing heavy pressure on the African elephant population.This issue has raised a lot of concern hence the Jane Goodall Institute China Board president Michael Crook On the 6th of December, 2016, visited Dr Zhou to discuss about protecting the ivory. During their meeting, both parties agreed to jointly launch the initiative to protect elephant from being hurt by illegal ivory trade. With this initiative, they plan to call upon the whole society to stop collecting, accessory use and importing ivory and ivory products.




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