Protect biodiversity in xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Dai people is the major people of xishuangbanan and it is their religious belief that their ancestors come from forest. Animals, plants, lands and water cannot be invaded;practice like chopping, reclamation, and poaching are banned. Therefore, ”yaolin” is a minor nature reserve under the protection of dai people’s religious belief and the local rules.

Yaolin is located in 600-900 meters above sea level in xishaungbanna, which is affected by monsoon so it is known as Tropical monsoon forest, while the protected area in xishaungbanna is tropical rain forest and seasonal rain forest. Therefore the protection of yaolin is to protect a major type of forest vegetation, including 500-600 species of advanced plant(covering 15% of local plant species in xishuangbanna) and various animals and microorganism. 10 species of plants and 40 species of animals belong to the country’s rare and endangered animals.

Yaolin was built at the same time with the tribes and villages, with a history of over hundred years. It is gradually isolated with forests and become many “green islands”. Chinese Academy of Sciences xishuangbanna tropical botanic garden and Chinese Academy of Sciences kunming institute of zoology have used “green island” in yaolin to do many research of fragmentary tropical rain forest ”island effect” and the law of growth and decline of biodiversity and leads to many scientific discoveries. So the protection of yaolin is meaningful in the protection of biology, ecology and conservation biology.



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