Green Development and Hu’s Theory of “Green Locomotive”

Westerners satirized that Chinese economic development pattern is “red”, driven by red locomotive. By red locomotive it means high energy consumption, high investment, high emissions , low efficiency and damage of the environment. Mr Hu Deping doesn’t agree with western world’s understanding of Chinese development pattern. He mentions that the origin of CBCGDF (China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation) sets up a model for civilized, green and comprehensive development. Since reform and opening-up, economy has increased phenomenally while ecological environment was severely damaged. Under such circumstance, our foundation compiles the book “Green Development”to reflect on this realistic situation.

As for green development and biodiversity conservation, Mr Hu emphasized to public that human belongs to vertebrate mammal, occupying a position in the animal list. All the species without exception needs green and human being is the most possible species to destroy the “Green”. From the perspective of development history of science, technology and society, human beings are supposed to have the awareness to protect the biologic chain, to protect the green which is also the protection of our own species. While keeping the economic development, the conservation of clean water and green hills is also a must for modern Chinese people to accept the conception of green development and harmony between man and nature. “The foundation needs more support and more publicity to promote human civilization.”

Mr. Hu mentioned the Theory of Green Locomotive in his speech at Pan Yangtze River Triangle Economical Cooperation Mount Huang Forum that this area should take the opportunity to be the “green locomotive”of Chinese and the world economy. “Red Locomotive”of primary products should be replaced by the “Green Locomotive”driven by green industry.



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