2rd World Forum of Ecosystem Governance Preparation




After a fruitful discussion on the first day of the meeting, all the organizing team of the WFEG (World Forum of Ecosystem Governance) continued the meeting on Day two with all team divided into groups responsible for the seven subforums which includes the Land, Sea, Urban, Environmental Education, Policy, Innovation, and Finance. The team representing CBCGDF chose to be responsible for the “Policy” subforum with the assistant Secretary General Linda Wong leading the team, other organizing committees including teams representing Yun foundation, IUCN, SFA and the Chinese Academy of Sciences took responsibility of the other Subforum. Each sub forum comprised of subcategories which include the name of owners of the subforum, teams, the purpose of the subforum, key questions to be discussed at the section and names of the keynote speakers for the section which includes dignitaries and well-known experts specialized in the different subforums topic of discussion. After each group chose a subforum, each team went on to discuss and raise ideas on the different subcategories, this activity was how Day 2 of the meeting was concluded with the discussion of the report scheduled to be carried out on Day 3.


The report on the discussion and decision on each sub forums was done on the last day of the meeting (Day 3).  With every team in their individual groups giving a detailed report on their discussion from the previous day. CBCGDF who is in charge of the “Policy” subforum has their representative “Harry” introduce the details of their report to the whole organizing team. During the discussion of the report done by each organizing team/each subforum owners, the discussion was open to suggestions and adjustments of the decisions made regarding each categories of the subforum. After the discussion and conclusion on the adjustment of the reports, an online platform and mail list was created to ensure easy communication between the organizing team in case of any new adjustments and updated information regarding each subforum.

The meeting ended with a friendly communication between all members of the individual teams and an awesome launch with everyone departing happy and fulfilled.



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