CPPCC Proposal of Xie to Protect Intertidal Wetland in Tangshan, Hebei


Tangshan, Hebei is located at the key passage of international migratory birds route, where the protection of wetlands and migratory birds has drew comprehensive attention from home and abroad. Tangshan nanbao wetland is at the middle of East Asia Australia migration route, where over 60 species, 300000 birds rest, overwinter and mate. It is the key stop for long distance migratory birds Red Knot and Calidris ferruginea as well as the major overwinter land for relic gulls and Curlew.

Mr Xie Boyang from China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation(CBCGDF), member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference raised the proposal “strengthen the protection of intertidal mudflat”. November 15th, 2016, Xie Boyang took a field tour at Caofeidian district, and gave comments and advice on the how to protect wetlands and migratory birds.

The proposal pointed out that, as a result of lacking awareness of the ecological value of wetland and clarity in the law, the wetland was filled as unutilized land which caused mass loss of valuable intertidal wetlands. Consequently, local fishery resource reduced, the livelihood of fisherman were affected, the biodiversity decreased. The number of migratory birds decreased and caused ecological crisis. It is urgent to adjust the functional plan of sea and designate marine redline, so that the remaining wetland can be protected from being exploited, especially Tangshan nanbao wetland.
The Tangshan government think highly of the protection work, noting that the local forestry bureau, Caofeidian district government and Luannan county government to implement the protected actions. Firstly, to work out and carry out the protection plan of Tangshan wetland, 50000 yuan will be funded to support the project. Secondly, in accordance with the new wild animal conservation law, based on the wild animal conservation situation of the area, it is suggested to build up a long-term protection mechanism to ensure that migratory birds safely fly through Tangshan area. Thirdly, altogether seven projects to restore wetlands are being pushed forward so that cultivated land will be taken back gradually. Fourthly, to reduce the affection on wetland ecosystem, environmental impact review will be set up.



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