World Pangolin Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in February.



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World Pangolin Day is an opportunity for pangolin enthusiasts to join together in raising awareness about these unique mammals — and their plight. Pangolin numbers are rapidly declining in Asia and Africa.
The demand for pangolins comes mostly from China, where pangolin scales are unfortunately believed to be a cure-all of sorts and pangolin flesh is considered a delicacy. In Vietnam, pangolins are frequently offered at restaurants catering to wealthy patrons who want to eat rare and endangered wildlife. There is no evidence to support claims regarding medicinal properties of pangolin scales or any other part of the pangolin.

12 things you can do to help pangolins on World Pangolin Day and beyond:
1.      TWEET using the hashtag #WorldPangolinDay
2.      LIKE the World Pangolin Day Facebook page
3.      BLOG about pangolins on World Pangolin Day
4.      SHARE pangolin information on your social media networks
5.      CREATE pangolin art — paint, draw, sculpt, tattoo
6.      EDUCATE by giving a presentation about pangolins at school
7.      SUPPORT organizations which are working to protect pangolins
8.      HOST a World Pangolin Day party or event (post your photos on the World Pangolin Day page!)
9.      BAKE cookies or a cake in the shape of a pangolin (post your photos on the World Pangolin Day page!)
10.  REQUEST full enforcement of laws and penalties for smuggling pangolins (and other wildlife)
11.  INFORM traditional medicine prescribers that the use of pangolin scales is illegal (and there are no proven health benefits to consuming scales — they are made of keratin, just like fingernails!)
12.  NOTIFY the authorities if you see pangolins for sale at markets or on restaurant menus, or if you know of anyone capturing or possessing pangolins.



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