CBCGDF sent letter to Jane Goodall on The Pangolin Day

Dear Jane,
It is great to receive your email and greater to know the progress. I also have some great news for you especially today,The Pangolin Day. Our volunteers search internet, find some weibo messages regarding pangolins,and focus on a message with a picture the author,a young Hong Kong businessman having pangolin meal with a group guangxi officials dated 2015.  We send a letter to the Chairman of Guangxi to ask investigation and action. To further finding out the truth,more of CBCGDF volunteers are sent to Guangxi and we helped  local police and caught two persons selling two pangolins,with one life and one killed,which uncover the serious problems of illegal catching and selling pangolins  nowdays. Most people donot know it is illegal to eat pangolins.
The two stories are widely speaded. You may ask chinese friends about these. We believe this is the turning point,and from now on pangolins will be safer.  We want to name them,the volunteers,Pangolin Hero, to further spread.
We need your advise and supports.



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