CBCGDF attended Good Pitch Miami 2017!

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation’s (CBCGDF) USA representative, Jonathan Donald, attended Good Pitch Miami.


The Good Pitch organization since 2005 has brought together documentary filmmakers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policy makers, brands and media leaders in social and environmental issues – to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all these partners, good for the films and good for society. The Good Pitch Organization is partnered with the Ford Foundation and the Sundance Institute of Documentary Film Programs.

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, China’s leading environmental organization, attended to provide insight, information and a Chinese perspective on conservation and green development. The CBCGDF engaged with environmental film makers and the National Geographic Explorer program in a round table discussion on conversation and combatting illegal endangered species trafficking. The CBCGDF shared its unique community conservation approach and its strategies and successes with curtailing the trafficking of the Chinese Pangolin, the worlds most trafficked mammal.

CBCGDF also engaged with the film team of Madidi, a film on jaguars trafficking in South America. The film teams and its partners were pleased to have CBCGDF participate in the round table discussion, and share its unique experience of conservation work in China.

Our participation in Good Pitch Miami is the beginning of our new campaign to expand our international scope, further international partnerships, and strengthen the global impact of our work.



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