CBCGDF’s President Mr. HU Deping met with Lord Daniel BRENNAN, Q.C. in Beijing on July 2nd

On July 2nd, 2017, the President of CBCGDF, Mr. Hu Deping, was invited to meet with Lord Daniel BRENNAN, a highly distinguished lawyer and lifelong member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, in Beijing.

Lord Brennan introduced to Mr. Hu about his involvement in the preparations of the Central Asian International Financial District. Lord Brennan believes that it would become a significant booster for “China Belt and Road Initiative”, and is conducive to the development of “The Belt and Road” in Central Asia. He also introduced the UK Research Council, and the fact that a group of scientists at Oxford University and Cambridge University have already achieved a series of important research results regarding approaches on new energy and green development for sustainable agriculture. Mr. Hu thought this would play a very important role in “The Ecological ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative” that CBCGDF is supportive of. He then agreed and mentioned the achievements on environmental protection, ecological conservation, and water treatment. Knowing about the achievement of CBCGDF, Lord Brennan wished to cooperate with CBCGDF, especially “The Ecological ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative”. He added that the study of population growth and sustainable green development should focus more on the rural areas.

President Hu introduced the work of familiar Chinese entrepreneurs in related fields. Lord Brennan encouraged President Hu to visit Central Asia and Britain at a convenient time, and to promote “The Belt and Road” hence strengthening bilateral cooperation, in order to contribute to ecological environment and green development.

The meeting ended in a positive and friendly atmosphere. CBCGDF looks forward to future cooperation between both parties.



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