Life-saving ponds built for Mongolian Gazelles in arid Mongolia

Mongolia is the world’s second-largest landlocked country. 90% land is located in the arid zone, severely suffering from the desertification. According to the Mongolian media on July 4th, Mongolia has entered into the arid period for the lack of rainfall. A large amount of animals have died of thirst in the hot and dry desert.

Over 3000 Mongolian Gazelles were found dead in Suhbaator, Mongolia, bounded by Xilinguolemeng, Inner Mongolia, China.

On July 5, CBCGDFers travelled overnight to Xilinguolemeng to rescue the thirsty Mongolian gazelles from mass die off. Our action group for Mongolian gazelles arrived at Dongwuqi and contacted local forest police. The Commissioner was surprised by promptness of our action. CBCGDFers also actively connect with local governments as well as Mongolian conservational groups to discuss potential rescue plans.

Mongolian companies are reported to have built 4 artificial ponds with 500 tons of water for migratory species like Mongolian Gazelles.

As for July 11, with CBCGDFers’ help, there are 200+ MGs being rescued and released to the wild. 10+ water trucks and 60+ water sinks have been sent and used.



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