CBCGDF has become a member of Global Genome Bidiversity Network


Recentlly, CBCGDF has become a member of Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN), with the mission of promoting access to information about, and legal exchange of, the genomic samples.

The GGBN is an international network of institutions and organizations that share a common interest in long-term preservation of genomic samples of Earth’s biodiversity. As of July 2017, GGBN has 63 institutional members from 23 countries, together making discoverable more than 6,000,000 genetic samples of 2,819 families, 14,051 genera, and 134,457 specimens.

To promote biodiversity conservation in China and protect endangered species, CBCGDF have made great efforts. The estabilishment of the CCAfa, for instance, is a hugh project of setting up conservation area across the country, for the sake of saving more flora, fauna, cultrual relices and eological as well.

In the future, CBCGDF will keep working on the preservation of genomic biodiversity, and do everything within its power to support the goals of the GGBN.



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