Community Conservation Area for White-headed Duck at Bainiaohu Lake

On August 11, the temperature in Bainiaohu Lake, Urumqi, Xinjiang Province reached 36℃.  CBCGDF’s volunteers came to see White-headed Duck , including 2 male birds, 3 female, but no young bird.

Actually volunteers came just for the young birds,  but they were disappointed.


During the same time in last year, according to the observation record, the first nest of White-headed Duck was found in the middle of June with 9 young birds in total; the second nest of  White-headed Duck was given birth by artificial incubation on June 26 and 27, with 3 young birds; the last nest came out 7 nestlings on July 31.

In this August, we have not yet found any nestlings of White-headed Duck.  Volunteers walked around Bainiaohu Lake again and again, but did not find any single new nestling.  If the young nestlings are not given birth on time, they will not suffer from the hard and long trip, which is across half the Earth.

The volunteers saw some funny but worrying things: a middle-aged “uncle” was swimming in the lake NAKED; somebody was trapping fish in the lake, but the lake water is salty and not fit for the fish; some people even catch scorpions at night for healthy liquor to drink.  Just before August 5, the local manufacturing company discharged polluted sewage to the lake continuously for 2 months.  The Bainiaohu Lake is an inland lake, its self-purification capability is limited.  Directly discharge of polluted sewage is very harmful to the White-bird lake environment.

The volunteers built up warning-sign around the lake to persuade people’s bad behavior.  This lake is an important habitat for not only White-headed Duck  but also other over 100 types of birds.


President Xi says “clean water and green mountain are gold mountain and silver mountain”.  China government should pay more attention on environment.  If Bainiaohu Lake is polluted totally, or even disappear, can Urumqi people still have the chance to feel the nature so closely?

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development of Foundation (CBCGDF) has set up a “Conservation Area for White-headed Duch at Bainiaohu Lake”.




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