Why Leading Fastfood Delivery Platforms are not Giving an Alternative to Reduce Deforestation?

It’s ridiculous that Chinese leading Fastfood Delivery E-platforms offer no OPTION for customers who don’t need throwaway chopsticks. Whether you want it or not, 1 or 2 pairs of one-time-use chopsticks will be put into the delivery order. According to big data statistics published lately, the Meituan platform alone handles 13,000,000 fast food delivery orders, which means 20,000,000 pairs of such chopsticks are consumed on a daily basis by that platform ALONE. Equally, 6700 big trees are chopped every day to produce these throwaway chopsticks.

How long can our Planet Earth stand the resources loss at this pace? That’s why the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation launched a national public fundraising project called “Chopsticks Walks”, calling for people bring a pair of chopsticks in their handbag. The move is so simple, but it can effectively reduce wasting resources, deforestation, negative impact on human health.

For more info or contribution, please visit http://gongyi.qq.com/succor/detail.htm?id=29381



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