34 Pangolins rescued by the Gaungxi Marine

On the 21st August 2017, the Guangxi Marine Police Detachment seized a suspected illegal transport of 34 rare endangered pangolins which is the countries level two protection animal. Of the 34 pangolins rescued, only 33 were saved with one lost in the process.


On August 17th 2AM, The Guangxi Sea police received a report of some illegal activities in the coastal area of Qinzhou port, on hearing this report, an investigation team was sent to investigate the scene. During the investigation a suspicious vehicle was apprehended near the Qinzhou Chin Kong Highway. The investigation team immediately carried out an inspection of the car and on opening the trunk they found it filled with a white and red transparent bag coupled with a light yellow liquid and a thick animal odor coming out of the trunk.

Based on these observations, the investigation team immediately controlled the driver of the vehicle and conducted a full inspection of the vehicle where they found a total of 34 pangolins in the vehicle. The investigation team immediately seized the suspected vehicle and notified the relevant authorities to assist in handling the case.

On hearing this news, the CBCGDF, expressed their greatest appreciation for the work done by the police force in apprehending these smugglers. At the same time based on urgency and the importance in conserving the pangolin species, the CBCGDF wrote to the Marine Police expressing their interest in participating fully in all aspect of conserving this batch of rescued Pangolin.

Pangolin is a national level two protection animal, the increased number of illegal hunting and habitat destruction greatly contributed to this species becoming an internationally recognized endangered species.


CBCGDF on the 17th of August in cooperation with Hunan Shun Huang Mountain National Nature Reserve Volunteer Association established China’s First “Chinese Pangolin Conservation Area” comprising of joint law enforcement agencies, social organizations, and the general public working together to vigorously protect the Pangolins.

CBCGDF having some experience and professional ability to protect the pangolins, sent a special request to the Guangxi Marine Police applying to an interception of the pangolins into the Chinese Pangolin Conservation Area so as to enable an easy application of their professional approaches to nurture the species until they are healthy enough to be returned to their original habitat


Source: http://m.thepaper.cn/newsDetail_forward_1769516?from=timeline




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