Beyond the Earth Hour, CBCGDF is United with Enterprises and Schools – Doing Everything for Biodiversity Conservation

On 30 March, 19.00-21.00, the 2019 Earth Hour special live event was held at the Beijing Olympic Green. China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited to the event as an official promotion partner of this year’s Earth Hour.


Mr. Jean-Paul Paddack, the Executive Director of Network Development at WWF said in his speech: With the changes and development of issues related to global environmental governance, the theme of the Earth Hour event in China has gradually expanded from the initial focus on climate change going to the everyday lifestyle.


The representative of the co-organizer of the event, the Executive Vice President of Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, said at the scene: In recent years, China has continuously increased environmental governance, accelerated the adjustment of industrial and energy structures, and promoted development of renewable energy.


WWF-China Chief Operating Officer Ms. Lu Lunyan pointed out: The Earth Hour will continue to guide the public to think and act outside the 60-minute light-off, transforming the efforts to be made for the health of the Earth’s ecological environment and the future of mankind into a daily lifestyle. From attention to action, from action to habit, from habit to a culture.


At the event site in Beijing, the famous host, Mr. Wang Han, was awarded the title of WWF’s first “biodiversity ambassador” – Mr. Wang Han promised to fulfill the duties of the ambassador, exert its influence on the public as a celebrity, and call on the public to join hands with hand, down-to-earth, while focusing on the future, integrating into the world, doing a good job in protecting biodiversity and promoting sustainable development, and telling the story of ecological civilization to the world and the future.


At the event, several celebrities from all walks of life, as representatives of volunteers, issued the “Environmental Star Volunteer Convention”, promising to use their respective public influence to promote the concept of environmental protection.


The fifteen meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nation’s Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP15) will be held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China in 2020. Biological diversity has become a global environmental issue. According to the Living Planet Report 2018 released by WWF, the number of wildlife species on the planet has lost 60% in just over 40 years. The theme of this year’s Earth Hour event is “Connect to Earth.” The organizers hope that through such a global event, people around the world will understand the severe situation of biological diversity and take action to curb the continued loss of the biological diversity.


As the official promotion partner of the WWF Earth Hour event, CBCGDF has launched a series special event for several years. In 2017, the campaign “Turn off a light and light a star” was launched. In 2018, the “Open my 60+ life, find lost stars” themed events were held, and this year’s “Connect to Earth” related activities that focus on biodiversity and the nighttime ecological environment. CBCGDF makes full use of its own advantages and resources and continues to cooperate with the theme of the Earth Hour special event every year. It cooperates extensively with well-known online media, caring enterprises, astronomical associations and environmental protection organizations in all major schools across the country, and each city forms a linkage. Adopting various forms such as concept advocacy, popular science lectures, roadside astronomical observation, video communication, popular science painting display and poster display, carried out the publicity efforts and work on sustainable, energy-saving and environmental protection and control of light pollution and nighttime animals and plants protection, as well as ecological environmental protection. To promote the nation’s response to the theme of “Connect to Earth”, publicize and advocate the sustainable concept beyond the one hour of “light-off”, awaken the public’s awareness of environmental protection, and call on the general public to take action together to address global climate change and lead the whole society to promote human beings have a colorful and diverse, vibrant earth.


On March 27th, CBCGDF and the Capital Normal University Astronomical Society jointly organized the Earth Hour’s “White Night Carnival” event. It included a lecture on biodiversity and ecological environmental protection. The event enabled university students to participate in a variety of forms such as observing sunspots, answering questions about astronomical knowledge, and hosting Earth Hour theme exhibitions. These interesting activities call on the students to address global climate change and promote the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The promotion of the theme “Connect to Earth” has brought good results.


On March 30th, CBCGDF and BAIC BJEV jointly launched the “Enjoy the coexistence with nature” campaign, advocated the practice of an energy-saving and environmentally friendly green lifestyle beyond the one hour of light-off, encouraging people to take action and practice low carbon and sustainable green way of life and travel style.


On March 30th, CBCGDF and Beijing Linze Zhida Education Technology Co., Ltd co-hosted the “I am a little biologist” nature education theme event, which carried out nature-related educational activities for children and brought children closer to nature through activities to understand nature, to understand the importance of biodiversity conservation, to establish a green and environmentally friendly concept of living in harmony with nature.


On March 30th, students of the first year of high school in Beijing Jingshan School Chongli District spontaneously promoted the Earth Hour in the form of hand-made bulletin paintings and publicized and explained the contents and theme of the Earth Hour for other grade students – Connect To Earth.


“Earth Hour” is just the starting point, turning off the lights is just a form, “What else can we do besides turn off the lights?”


In fact, there are many more we can do:


With less plastic – you can shop with your own eco-friendly bags, reduce or not use plastic straws, and do not buy washing products containing polyethylene and other ingredients.


Green consumption – you can rational shopping, moderate ordering does not waste, refused to buy wild biological products.


Reduce disposable groceries – you can go out and bring your own water cups, eco-friendly tableware, travel with your own slippers and toiletries.


Resource recycling – you can classify waste reduction, recycle renewable resources, donate idle old belongs, replace old electronic equipment with a new one. You also surely can choose to walk or ride for a short distance, take a preference of green style for public transport.transport.



















(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

Original Chinese article:

By / Niu Jingmei



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