The Discovery of Another Cause Behind the Xiangshui Explosion: Market Capital Industrial Civilization

After the Xiangshui explosion in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, the whole country was shocked and heartbroken. Who caused the tragedy? How to avoid similar accidents from happening again? Recently, Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of CBCGDF, combined with the plastic problem, believed that it is time for people to change their production and lifestyle during the alternation of old and new civilizations.


On the microscopic level, the causes and responsible persons of the Xiangshui explosion are believed to be under study by relevant departments. But the deep causes of the Xiangshui explosion should also be thoroughly analyzed. For example, due to capital seeks for profit, the development of market economy and the extreme of industrial civilization, excessive demand is another reason hidden behind the Xiangshui explosion. It is also the deep reason that we seem to be invisible but actually play a critical role in promoting it.


For example, this excessive demand is a small matter of plastic book covers. How much plastic book covers will be consumed by primary and secondary schools in China every year. The demand for plastic book covers can be said to be a typical excessive demand, a demand caused by profit-seeking, which leads to the increase in chemical plants at the front of the supply and demand chain. In addition, there are a large number of plastic flowers, plastic runways, takeaway plastic bags, disposable plastic boxes, plastic knives and forks, and so on. Some of these demands are reasonable, but there is also a lot of demand that is useless and wrong. They may not be the needs of human beings at all, but only the needs of the capital, market, and post-industrial civilization. In the era of ecological civilization, what we have to do is to change these absurd, wrong, dangerous and excessive unreasonable demands.


Only when the demand for people at the source decreases, the number of chemical plants at the front end of production decrease. We should think about how many small and medium-sized chemical factories have to work overtime to produce and manufacture plastic book covers, which are so small and unattractive. Other similar excessive demands must be in the minority in our lives. What we need to do is to reduce this demand from the source. Only in this way can we fundamentally reduce the demand for chemical plants, and truly reduce the probability of explosion accidents and the heavy social costs it has to pay.


Today, human beings have developed and have to enter the era of ecological civilization. The conflict change and development of the two civilizations require us to immediately and soberly recognize the excessive demand brought about by the profit-seeking, the seemingly invisible extreme danger in the production and lifestyle of human beings, and to change it immediately, to explore and practice the new production and lifestyle of the new ecological civilization era.

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By / Li Xue Modified / Niu Jingmei



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