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If there is anything more touching than doing public welfare, it is that children and young people are involved in public welfare and environmental protection. It is the wonderful participation of these children that makes the future of our eco-environmental protection work more promising.


In order to make you more in-depth and thorough understanding of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Green Children working group platform and the children’s wonderful performance, we have launched a special QR code to provide you with convenience; while paying attention to the activities of the Green Children at any time, the Green Children Weibo QR code also welcomes your attention and instant interaction.


The CBCGDF Green Children Working Group, referred to as CBCGDF Green Children, is a CBCGDF’s public welfare platform for kids and young people. Through the development of rich and colorful public welfare activities, the platform practices “environmental education starts from kids”, allowing the youth generation to understand life and understand the relationship between people and nature. The platform also makes full use of the resources of CBCGDF to build a bridge for children to involve in the domestic and international public welfare fields, so that they can continuously exercise and improve themselves, and cultivate a correct environmental outlook, life philosophy, outlook on life and values.


Since the Green Children platform was officially launched in April 2018, six Green Children bases have been established; the platform is also receiving active support and recommendation from more and more environmental volunteers. Up to now, more than 1,000 primary school students have participated in eco-friendly activities through the Green Children platform. This data is also constantly expanding.


Nowadays, as biodiversity conservation work is gaining more and more consensus from all walks of life, many schools and parents are also deeply aware of the important relationship between the ecological environment and human sustainable development. The participation in the construction of “beautiful China” has also become more and more the needs and practices of the people, the improvement of school and parental protection awareness has also led to more and more young people participating in eco-environmental activities. The Green Children platform, which links this need, truly realizes environmental education starts from kids.


In the future work, CBCGDF will further integrate the system construction and service of the Green Children platform, allowing more young people to pass the power of environmental protection and love through this platform.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

Original Chinese article:

By / Niu Jingmei



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