The Last Lecture: 2019 “Light Pollution and Dark Night Protection” University Science Popularization Series Entering Renmin University of China

On 11th May, the last lecture on “Light Pollution and Dark Night Protection” co-sponsored by the Starry Sky Committee of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), the “Science Popularization China-Science Frontier Master Talk” and the Committee of Chinese Astronomical Society was successfully held in 1404 classroom on the first floor of Renmin University of China.


The main speaker of this lecture is Liu Hanyuan, volunteer of the Starry Sky Committee of CBCGDF and former president of Astronomical Club of Capital Normal University. The lecture popularized the importance and beauty of the stars, described the problem of light pollution in contemporary urban development, and introduced the current situation of dark night protection in contemporary China.


In the course of the lecture, Liu Hanyuan’s language is humorous and interesting, and through examples of people’s daily life, we can make people understand the impact and harm of light pollution on the ecological environment and human beings (disturbing their sleep, affecting animals, plants and insects, artificial daytime, energy waste, etc.). In addition, through interesting Q & A, he actively mobilized the enthusiasm of the audience, let everyone participate in the lecture, and brought meaningful prizes to the audience. 


After introducing the harm of light pollution to us, the lecture focused on how to reduce light pollution. We have seen the Ali Dark Night Reserve and the Hehuan Mountain in Taiwan. Through our own efforts, we are trying to protect people’s right to see a clear sky. Although the city with brilliant lights is also beautiful, the light is a disaster that cannot be ignored.


As mentioned in the lecture, the starry sky is a natural resource and a precious cultural heritage. When people look up at the stars, the vastness of the universe and their insignificance are clear in a moment. Liu Hanyuan appeals to all of you to reduce the external strong light source as far as you can and return the city to a visible starry sky. Dark Night protection starts with you and me.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

Original Chinese article:

By / Li Xue



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