A Vehicle of Crocodile Leather Products Was Seized in Guangxi, of Which There Were 631 Belts!

Recently, in Baise, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, when the police inspected a vehicle at the border, they seized a crocodile leather product worth about 4.36 million yuan without legal procedures. After counting, there are 12 bags of crocodile leather products, 404 pieces of crocodile leather products and 631 belt products. Among them, the crocodile’s limbs can be clearly seen on the entire crocodile skin. Seized crocodile leather products covered the basketball court. The seized items have been handed over to the local forest police for further investigation.

On March 12, the policemen of the Badu Border Police Station of the Baise Border Management Detachment of Guangxi were on duty at the Pomatun duty station in Lai Village, under the jurisdiction of the police, to inspect vehicles entering and leaving the border management zone. At about 1 pm, the police conducted a routine inspection of a family off-road vehicle and found that the vehicle’s back seats and tail box were filled with strange leather products with sacks, which attracted the attention of the police. When the police inspected the suspicious items further, they found that all the sacks contained crocodile leather products. The police immediately brought the suspicious items to the police station for further inspection.

After counting, the vehicle was loaded with a total of 12 bags of crocodile leather products, without legal procedures. Among them, there are 404 crocodile leather products and 631 belt products. Each of these crocodile skins is very complete, with clear leather texture and full color. The whole crocodile leather product is available in four colors: black, brown, blue, and red, with a length of about 1.4 meters and a width of about 0.4 meters. Striped belt products are available in black and brown colors, each about 4 cm wide and mostly about 1.4 meters in length.


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