Zhou Jinfeng Recommends: The Forest Recreation Base Should Be Postponed, and the Regulations Should Be Revised to Insist on “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets”

Forest well-being projects should be closely linked to the protection of forests, wildlife and their habitats. In the construction of the projects, the theory of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” needs to be effectively implemented.


Recently, four ministries and commissions, including the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, publicized the list of the first batch of national forest recreation bases. We have found that in the relevant documents issued by the four ministries for the construction of forest recreation bases, the following problems exist:


This project is closely related to forest protection, the protection of wild animals and their habitats, but from the project approval standards to the operating rules, no consideration is given to the protection of forests and forest ecosystems, and it does not involve biodiversity conservation including the protection of wildlife. The main body of recommendation and review of the project are the forestry and grassland departments, and there is no effective supervision mechanism. In this regard, we recommend:


1. The construction of a forest well-being base should first put the protection of forest resources and forest ecosystems first. Only if “lucid waters and lush mountains” are realized can “invaluable assets” be achieved. People should systematically study the spirit of the recent series of speeches of President Xi on wildlife, ecological environment protection and people’s health and safety, and the standards for review and evaluation are re-developed based on it and postpone the list of bases.


2. The impact of forest recreation on wildlife habitats is huge. The construction of forest recreation bases should follow the principle of appropriate amount and openness, including restrictions and requirements on the number of people to avoid causing damage to wildlife resources and habitat disruption and destruction, while strengthening responsibility, assessment and supervision of the protection of biodiversity and habitats.


3. Does not support the construction of new forest recreation bases. A large amount of infrastructure construction has a negative impact on wildlife and natural ecology. It is not possible to make great progress in order to complete the construction target. Under the premise of not causing great transformation to nature and destroying natural habitats, it is feasible to carry out appropriate recreation.


4. A cross-sectoral review and supervision mechanism should be established to avoid the centralization of license review and issuance of wild animal domestication and breeding in the same department in one place, resulting in the recurrence of departmental interests over national interests.


5. The construction and operation of a forest well-being base must aim at harmonious coexistence between human and nature and sustainable development. The supervision of a third party should be introduced, and a feedback mechanism of public supervision should be established to avoid the phenomenon of damaging the natural ecological environment due to private interests.


The development of any livelihood project that has contributed to the present and benefit the past should fully study the thought of ecological civilization, carry out scientific planning, ensure clear responsibilities and effective supervision, so as to truly achieve “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.




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