The National Second-Class Protected Animal Oriental Scops Owl Rescued by the Lianyungang Volunteer of CBCGDF, Has Returned to Nature!

On April 29th, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Lianyungang volunteer rescued an Oriental Scops Owl, a national second-class protected animal. After careful feeding and care, its recovery is very good. Originally planned to release it on the evening of May 4th, no one expected that this “elf” could not hold back and returned to nature on the morning of May 3rd. Bless you, safe and healthy!

At the beginning of the rescue, this Oriental Scops Owl was weak, and its front chest could only lean on the carton. After a long journey, when it flew to Lianyungang, it was exhausted of physical strength, hungry, unable to move, and lost a lot of weight, making it difficult to fly.


On April 30, the day after the rescue, it was fed chicken. This “elf” ate a lot and added half a calcium tablet to it. On May 1st, on the third day after being rescued, it began to bite people, not letting people get close, and its body was energized and quickly recovered to health. The volunteer put it in a cardboard box in order to give the “little elf” more space for activities. On the morning of May 3, the volunteer went out and came home at 9:30 to see that the “elf” had already flown away!




On April 28, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) volunteers Wang Dianbao and Qian Yi’an were entrusted by the police and successfully rescued a national second-class protected animal: Oriental Scops Owl. At present, it is in good spirits and in good physical condition. After it is fully recovered, it will be wild released to nature.


According to the volunteer Wang Dianbao, this Oriental Scops Owl was discovered by a tourist while passing by a forest in Huaguo Mountain, Lianyungang. At that time, it was no longer able to fly. At first, the tourist did not know that the Oriental Scops Owl was a national second-class protected animal. After the locals’ instructions, the tourist immediately sent it to the local police station.


With the help of the police, Zhou Chong, another CBCGDF volunteer, was contacted, but Zhou Chong was unable to go to rescue due to work problems. After Zhou Chong’s help and communication, volunteers Wang Dianbao and Qian Yi’an rushed to the police station at the first time and went through the relevant transfer procedures. After arriving home, the Oriental Scops Owl was provided fresh water for the first time to replenish physical strength.


Wang Dianbao told CBCGDF: “I’m very happy. This Oriental Scops Owl is in good condition. I prepared a piece of chicken for it this morning, and it soon finished it. When it’s fully recovered, we will release it in the wild.”



(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

Original Chinese article:

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