Loopholes in Harbin Epidemic Prevention and Control: Asymptomatic Infected People Have Visited the Bird Market in Daowai District; Gathered while Most Without Masks; Repeated Calls to the Mayor’s Hotline & Was Difficult to Cure

On April 16, the Heilongjiang Provincial Health Commission released information on the activity trajectory of newly added asymptomatic patients in the local area of Harbin. Among the 11 newly increased local asymptomatic infections, one of them had visited the flower, bird and fish market in the Daowai District on April 5th.


The day of April 5th happened to be the day when China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) volunteers went to Daowai’s bird market to investigate. On that day, there were shoulder-to-shoulder, many people did not wear masks. Volunteers repeatedly called the mayor’s hotline, but everything was the same.


The bird market in Daowai in Harbin is a famous illegal bird trading center in the country, which has been gathering and selling various birds for a long time. After the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, in March, the CBCGDF volunteers discovered that the mobile bird market in Daowai District of Harbin had “recovered”. After calling the mayor’s hotline, the feedback from the Daowai District Government actually showed: they seemed to have no knowledge of the long-standing illegal transaction of the mobile bird market in the jurisdiction!


On April 5th, the mobile bird market in Harbin “reinvigorated the old business”. People who visited the bird market followed each other, but many people did not wear masks. Beginning in late March, the wild animal protection volunteers of the CBCDFF have continuously called the mayor’s hotline, calling for a reduction in the turnover of people and the risk of public safety.


However, it has not received attention. People with asymptomatic infections used to be active in the bird market in Daowai. On that day, many people there did not wear masks. The volunteers repeatedly called the mayor’s hotline, it was difficult to completely solve it. Hopefully there is an efficient effective solution.


It is well known that wild animals, including birds, are an important source of zoonotic diseases. It is reported that more than 70% of epidemics originate from animals. Why did Daowai’s bird market continue to flourish after the outbreak? Ignore the government’s decision on “Wildlife Free”? Why is it that volunteers have made dozens of calls to the mayor’s hotline in Harbin, but it still hasn’t been taken seriously?


Now, there is a problem with the prevention and control of the epidemic in Harbin. Is it accidental?


Update: The Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has issued a notice on April 17 to hold accountable 18 party cadres and public officials who have failed to prevent and control the recent epidemic in Harbin.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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