30 Illegal Fishing Vessels, CBCGDF Volunteers Reported | Hope Relevant Departments Strengthen Supervision

On April 20, it was a sunny day. China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF)’s Tianjin volunteers and the police of the Binhai New Area Police Station in Tianjin launched another patrolling operation on the shoreline beach bird habitat. During the patrol, the police put forward his own views on how to protect the beach. He said, “It is necessary to protect Tianjin’s coastal beach and protect the natural seaside scenery of the coastal beach. This is a difficult problem and a task for managers. Tianjin needs to continue its efforts.” The CBCGDF volunteers agreed and said that they will support the work of the Binhai New Area Police Station with practical actions.


On April 21st, the CBCGDF Tianjin volunteers set off again. While patrolling the Chaobai River section east of Chaobai River Bridge in Baodi District, Tianjin, they discovered that there were about 30 illegal fishing vessels docked on the shore and ground cage nets placed in the water. Beside the south bridge head of the Chaobai River Bridge, there were also people who bought and sold the fish just caught. The volunteers were shocked by this phenomenon and immediately reported the violation to the relevant departments.


Not long after, fisheries departments, comprehensive law enforcement teams, town government staff and other departments arrived at the scene. The law enforcement officers surrounded the owners of the fishing vessels, severely criticized the violations of these owners, and demanded that these owners immediately clear the vessels away.


What is gratifying is that a few days later, the volunteers received a message from the Baodi District Government of Tianjin. The government hold a video conference on the illegal fishing boat on the Chaobai River, specifically on illegal fishing, also carried out the corresponding work on the cleaning of nets.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

Volunteers said that because the section under the Chaobai River Bridge in Baodi District of Tianjin is a national wetland park, according to the regulations of the National Nature Reserve: Fishing in the wetlands of the reserve is prohibited. However, at present, illegal fishing boats, ground cage nets and other fishing tools can be seen everywhere in the Chaobai River Wetland Park, which is extremely detrimental to the protection of the ecological environment of the wetland.


A Tianjin volunteer made it clear: “It is hoped that the relevant departments will strengthen the supervision of this place, and it is hoped that under the law enforcement of the relevant departments, such violations will become fewer and fewer.”



(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)


By / Maggie




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