Caofeidian Wetland is Making Every Efforts to Replenish Water to the Core Area, and the Wetland Police Office has been Established Simultaneously | CBCGDF Research Department’s Promotion Bears Fruit

Since this Spring, with joint efforts by Caofeidian district government and wetland protection researchers, Caofeidian Wetland and Bird Natural Protected Area (hereinafter referred to as Caofeidian Protected Area) witnesses comprehensive management mechanism and restoration. Surprisingly, although a large number of migratory birds have flown north, the management office overcomes difficulties to complete the water replenishing work of 85 percent core area, and the grassroots wetland police office is set up, so as to make preparation for this migratory season.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

Caofeidian Wetland is a unique artificial wetland. Water is the source of all organisms living by the wetland. Without water, the wetland covering an area of 540 square kilometers would dry up and possibly end in salinization. Caofeidian Protected Area, located on the west side of the Daluan River, has an area of 100 square kilometers. Within the protected area, different wetlands composed of freshwater fishponds, saltwater fish (shrimp) ponds, ditches covered by reeds provide migratory birds with ample food and shelter each Autumn and Winter. Therefore, Caofeidian Wetland has become an important component of the East Asian – Australasian Flyway (EAAF). Meanwhile, the Wetland also functions as the largest protected area in the Bohai Rim with high ecological value.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

At the beginning of this year, the Caofeidian District government resolved to promote wetland restoration work for strengthening the management of the wetland. Wetlands affiliated to relevant farms in the core area of Caofeidian Protected Area are all reclaimed. In late March, the Research Office of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) noted that thousands of acres artificial fish (shrimp) ponds which were asked to be returned to wetlands for restoration were dried up because of inefficient water-level management. “If the department cannot finish the ecological water supplement before large batches of snips returning back, then the breeding of these birds will be influenced, possibly triggering wetland degradation in the long term,” directors of Community Conservation Areas who participated the field investigation are concerned, and they communicated this situation with management staff and local government officers.


The water sources of ecological supplement for Caofeidian Wetland are mainly from the freshwater from the upstream Luanhe reservoir and from the sea. In order to save water and meet the water demand of large areas of the wetland, the management department adopts the method of rotating water release, which means different areas are irrigated in return. This is the same with wetlands in the protected area. “Two pumping stations have come into use to supplement water in the core of the protected area. Up to now, 85% of the task has been finished with nearly 13,500 mu of wetland being replenished.” Recently, the district government says that it is expected to finish the task before the end of April. The 70% area of the wetland affiliated to Qi farm in the core of protected area has been replenished, and Sihaodi and the original wetland maze area all finish the task.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

To supplement water for the core region of the protected area in time means that the Caofeidian Wetland can still serve as the habitat for thousands of migratory birds, provide enough food for birds this year, and make full play of its significant ecological function. It makes experts who care about the protection of Caofeidian Wetland feel relieved.


In addition, the district government set up a grassroots wetland police office to enhance the management of the core area. On April 24th, the office was officially established.


To conserve the ecological environment of this important wetland is a shared goal for all of us. We sincerely appreciate every effort made by different sectors.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)


Original Chinese article:

By / Wang Yanqing Modified / Maggie



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