Jilin Cracked Down on a Large Illegal Hunting Case and Seized 13,410 Bodies and Products of Wild Animals

The reporter learned from the Forest Public Security Bureau of Jilin Province that after nearly four months of hard work, the Baishishan Forest Public Security Branch of the Bureau recently successfully cracked a large-scale illegal hunting case, arrested 27 criminal suspects, and seized dead animals and products 13,410 pieces.


It is understood that among the wild animal dead bodies and products seized this time, there are 4 national first-class protected animal sable, 70 wild animals under second-class national protection, including flower-tailed hazelcock, owl and eagle owl, there are 13,336 are animals that are beneficial or of important economic or scientific value to be protected by the state and their products. The confiscated items also included seven air guns, 22,935 rounds of lead bullets for air guns and 505 pieces of hunting gear.


In November 2019, the police of Baishishan Forest Public Security Bureau discovered at work that a suspicious minivan frequently appeared in the jurisdiction. After investigation, the owner of the vehicle is Liu, a resident of Jiaohe City, Jilin Province, who has long-term acquired all kinds of wild animals. The Baishishan Forest Public Security Branch immediately instructed the Forest Investigation Brigade to set up a special task force to carry out further investigations. The police dug through the clues and found a large number of dead bodies and products of wild animals in Liu’s house and his cold storage.


During the screening of the cause of death of the wild animals involved, the police found that some wild animals had traces of bullets on their bodies and increased their examination accordingly. In the face of iron evidence, Liu confessed the criminal fact of selling airsoft bullets to hunters with guns and then purchasing wild animals from them. The task force overcame many difficulties and successively arrested the suspects Du, Liu, Xu and others.


At present, 27 criminal suspects have been taken criminally according to law, and the case is being further investigated.



Original Chinese article:


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