The Core Area of the Conservation Area Strictly Controls Human Activities, and the Management and Protection Program of Caofeidian Wetland was Unanimously Approved by the Experts Group | CBCGDF Research Department

On April 28, the seminar on scientific management and protection program for the Caofeidian Wetland and Bird Natural Conservation Area was held. The one-day discussion with the participation of experts and academics witnesses the final approval of the management and protection program for Caofeidian Wetland drafted by relevant scientific research institutions.


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Experts and academics are from the Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, College of Life Science at Beijing Normal University, College of Life Science at Capital Normal University, Hebei Provincial Aquatic Technology Promotion Station, Tianjin Agriculture University, Chinese Academy of Forestry, etc. Delegates of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Caofeidian district government, district natural resources, and planning bureau, district wetland management service center, local farms, Caofeidian Agriculture Development Group and others were present at the seminar.


Experts reviewed seven protection programs on Caofeidian Wetland and Bird Natural Conservation Area, including Conservation Programme on Wetland of Caofeidian No.11 Farm, Technical Conservation Programme on Ecology of Luochaowan Reservoir, Technical Conservation Programme on Ecology of Caofeidian Wetland Freshwater Surface, Technical Conservation Programme on Ecology of Caofeidian Wetland (No. 4 Maze Area), Conservation Programme on the Core Area of Paddy Field, encompassing different types of habitats in the Caofeidian Wetland and Bird Natural Conservation Area such as freshwater wetland, saltmarsh, reservoir wetland, reed wetland, and traditional paddy wetland which are scattered in the core area, buffer zone, and experimental area.


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The Caofeidian Wetland and Bird Natural Conservation Area, located in the Bohai Bay, covers an area of around 100 square kilometers and functions as one of the most important sections of the East Asian- Australasian Flyway. As the protection area with diverse types of wetlands and its ecological value, the novel scientific management and conservation program has attracted wide attention. At the seminar, the organizations that draft the seven programs, including Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute and Hebei Agricultural University, respectively gave illustrations to the programs.


About the Management and Conservation Programme on the wetland of Caofeidian No.11 Farm which situated at the corner by the seventeenth branch canal and three rows of trunk canals, the scientific researcher advise to incorporate the existing ponds and reconstruct the drainage. To farm artemia via collecting the regional effluent not only provides food for birds but also constructs the water recycling system and food chain to conserve the function of wetland. The program on the freshwater surface highlights a multi-level model of shrimp-fish polyculture with few human interferences. Experts gave detailed comments on each program and offered suggestions, for instance, to reduce human impact, to reconsider the design and layout of bird piles in the core area, and to avoid invasive species.


At about 6 p.m. on April 28, the expert panel confirmed to approve all seven programs on wetland management and protection after the heated discussion. The seven programs are suggested to incorporate into a general plan. The expert panel also addresses the monitoring of ecological resources and independent supervision.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

According to the expert panel, the reviewed programs are comprehensive with explicit goals and reliable indicators, which are following Hebei provincial documents and policies. Therefore, the programs got approved. Experts also offered advice: to have systematic planning to water circulation and plant restoration, to give priority to choose indigenous species in vegetation restoration, and to construct a food chain with considering birds as key species. The management authorities should minimize the human impact upon the core area.


The approval of wetland management and protection programs is the symbol of the great progress that has been made in conserving the Caofeidian Wetland and Bird Natural Conservation Area. The Caofeidian district government says, the water replenishing work has been finished, and they will implement specific scientific management and protection programs, putting equal emphasis on ecological benefits, economic benefits, and local livelihoods.


Original Chinese article:

By / Wang Yanqing Modified / Maggie



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