Leaders of Haixing County, Hebei Province Visited CBCGDF to Discuss the Protection and Development of Haixing Wetland | Focus on Ecological Protection of Wetland

Recently, the large-scale water cut-off and dry-out incidents in Haixing Wetland and Bird Nature Reserve in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province have attracted wide attention from all walks of life. Relevant leaders in Haixing County have attached great importance to this.


On the afternoon of May 8, Sun Wenqiang, the deputy head of the Haixing County Government, led a group of three people of the relevant persons in charge of the government and the Water Affairs Bureau, visited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), and had in-depth exchanges with Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF and others on the topics of the balance of ecological protection and economic and social development, and the construction of ecological civilization. The leaders of Haixing County introduced and explained the wetland drying up, breeding contract, ecological restoration and other issues mentioned by CBCGDF.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

Relevant leaders of Haixing County expressed their gratitude to CBCGDF for paying attention to the protection and development of Haixing Wetland and Bird Nature Reserve, and also welcomed the comments and suggestions of CBCGDF and related experts on existing problems. According to Haixing, the current dryness of Haixing Wetland and Bird Nature Reserve is related to factors such as the extreme uneven distribution of precipitation in the local climate and the large-scale wetland protection and retreat in the past two years. At present, Haixing is actively implementing the water replenishment project of Xuanhui River, or intends to temporarily transfer water from the nearby Yangcheng Reservoir to supplement the dry areas of the reserve.


Relevant leaders of Haixing County said that Haixing County attaches great importance to the ecological restoration and green development of Haixing Wetland and Bird Nature Reserve. They will be firmly guided by the idea of ecological civilization, and through joint efforts with CBCGDF, Haixing Wetland will be restored to its proper appearance as soon as possible.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

After finishing the previous meeting, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng rushed to the meeting site. After listening to the introduction of relevant leaders of Haixing County, he expressed gratitude to the government of Haixing County for its attention. At the same time, he introduced CBCGDF as a foundation focusing on biodiversity protection and green development, attaching great importance to the protection of biodiversity and wetlands. Haixing Wetland is not only a business card of Haixing, but also a precious resource for the whole country and even the whole world. In view of the local special geographical and climatic conditions and the special nature of this protected area as a constructed wetland, CBCGDF also hopes to help promote the scientific management and protection of wetlands and protect local wetland resources on the basis of fully respecting the historical status quo. Do not engage in “one size fits all”, but the most urgent thing is to do ecological restoration.


Dr. Zhou said that President Xi attaches great importance to ecological protection and creatively put forward the advanced development concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. CBCGDF also hopes that relevant departments can attach great importance to ecological protection, strive to achieve parallel development and protection, and solve the problem of people’s livelihood, at the same time, make the planning and construction of ecological civilization a very important position to consider. At the same time, Dr. Zhou also expressed his willingness to discuss targeted wetland protection and restoration plans with relevant departments of Haixing County.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

In the follow-up, CBCGDF will work with the relevant departments of Haixing County to provide further opinions and suggestions on the restoration, protection and development of Haixing Wetland and Bird Nature Reserve through field visits and expert demonstrations, and jointly promote the building of beautiful Haixing.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)


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