Promoting “Poetic Habitation”, CBCGDF Intends to Jointly Establish an Ecological Community Development Special Fund

After the pandemic, life has changed and it can no longer return to the previous “normal”, but we hope to become better than before.


On May 8th, the people who dedicated to the construction of an ecological community, Wu Daoyuan, the founder of Yinxin World and founding promoter of World Eco-community Alliance (WEA), and Chen Li, the CEO of Yinxin Natural Education Center visited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF). After full communication, the two sides plan to jointly establish an ecological community development fund to promote the construction of more ecological communities in China.


“In the 1990s, the concept of ecological community was introduced to China from Europe and America, but the essence of the ecological community has a long history in China. As early as the pre-Qin period, the Chinese proposed the idea of the unity of nature and man as a kind of the concept of simple natural living can be regarded as the earliest origin of the idea of ecological community.” Wu Daoyuan said that although domestic scholars do not have a unified definition of ecological community, their titles are also varied, but they are all taking sustainable communities as development goals, also emphasize the concepts of resource-saving, environmental protection, ecological balance, etc. such people and nature harmonious community building. Especially after clearly proposing to put “eco-civilization construction” in a prominent position and building “Beautiful China”, ecological community construction has once again formed a trend in China.


In 2013, Mr. Wu Daoyuan began to practice the life of Yinxin Stone House in Lijiang, Yunnan. Later, he went to Lugu Lake to try to build an ecological community in a natural scenic area. Later, he invested in the urban farm of Chengdu Mengtian. In recent years, he has been exploring the construction of urban ecological communities. In 2018, Wu Daoyuan created the “Yinxin World” platform to link more explorers in the construction of ecological communities in China through the platform. Now, around the construction of an ecological community, Wu Daoyuan and many colleagues in the industry have successively set up institutions such as the Yinxin Science Education Center, the Yinxin International Design Center for Ecological Innovation, the Yinxin Technology Center, and World Eco-community Alliance. In Chenzhou of Hunan Province, Guizhou Province, Jiangxi Province, Tibet, Beijing and other places, combined with natural education and ecological design concepts, explored and built the ideal ecological communities.


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF fully affirmed the construction of ecological communities in the country, and believed that the smallest “cell” or “unit” that ecological civilization construction can achieve is to be an ecological community that is specifically scattered in various places and is everyone in the community. Or a harmonious coexistence with nature and a better life that the family can achieve.


After the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the changes in people’s production and lifestyle have been put on the agenda again collectively. People are more urgent than ever to establish a new sustainable and environmentally friendly community lifestyle. In view of this, CBCGDF is willing to establish an Ecological Community Development Special Fund to work with many people of insight and consensus in this field. From the aspects of ecological community idea exchange, talent cultivation, and the practice and exploration of ecological design, we will jointly promote the construction of urban ecological communities and rural ecological communities in China, so that the construction of ecological civilization will truly take root and allow more people to achieve benefit sharing and live with nature harmony.


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