The Jicang Bird Market in Cangzhou has been Banned, and CBCGDF Volunteers Promotion has Achieved Substantial Outcomes | CBCGDF Research Department

Recently, driven by the report of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) volunteers and the promotion of CBCGDF, the Jicang Bird Market in Cangzhou, which has been resurgent this year after being banned last year, was closed again.


On April 25, CBCGDF volunteers were surrounded by illegal traders while investigating the Jicang Bird Market in Cangzhou. After this matter was publicly published by CBCGDF, it attracted great attention from Cangzhou city government. On May 1, CBCGDF volunteers received an invitation from the industrial and commercial department of Cangzhou City, hoping to participate in the comprehensive governance actions on Cangzhou’s Jicang bird market.


Early in the morning on May 2, under the leadership of the Cangzhou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, CBCGDF volunteers went to the Jicang farmer’s market in the canal district in conjunction with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Agricultural and Rural Committee, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team, the town government, and the volunteer team to comprehensively rectify the market and eliminated illegal trafficking in wild birds.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteer)

According to the volunteers who participated in the comprehensive law enforcement operation that day, no large-scale sales of wild birds were found in the bird market that day, and only a few sporadic vendors of wild birds were encountered. Law enforcement personnel took a humanized approach according to the age of the traffickers. For example, when they encountered elders, they would mainly criticize, educated them and persuaded them to leave; when they met younger vendors, they would confiscate their wild birds of sales. When the joint law enforcement officers at the scene were about to leave, they received reports from the masses that a large number of bird dealers had been transferred to the nearby river for illegal sales. The joint law enforcement team immediately rushed to the scene to evacuate, and said that they will increase the frequency of inspections in the future and step by step to reduce the living space of illegal vendors selling wild birds until they are completely removed. Finally, when the volunteers were leaving, they gave the atlas about bird identification to law enforcement officers, so that they could carry out scientific identification of wild birds in the future.


Thanks to the joint efforts of all participants, this comprehensive law enforcement operation has achieved remarkable outcomes. A week ago, the words “birds and insects” were written on the door signs of the Jicang farmer’s market. After the remediation, the words had been removed from the signs of this market. In addition, the bird market has been locked by the fence, and a notice “Forbid the trading of birds and insects here” is attached as a reminder. In addition, relevant law enforcement personnel were added there to prevent the resurgence of the bird market. Volunteers who participated in the on-site joint law enforcement action said that the local government has established a linkage mechanism with the volunteers. They will continue their patrol work. If they find similar situations, they can report directly to the government department to speed up the investigation and punishment.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteer)


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