CBCGDF E-Commerce Environmental Responsibility Working Committee Urges Guangdong Market Supervision Bureau: Do You Care About Using Electric Shock to Exterminately Catch Earthworms?

Recently, the E-Commerce Environmental Responsibility Working Committee of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) have noted a large number of hunting tools used for catching earthworms in a sweeping way are available on multiple e-commerce platforms. The websites show that the most popular tools have been purchased by hundreds and even a thousand people. The sellers attract consumers with advertisements like “forcing earthworms to come out of the ground in seconds” and “easy to operate”. Video tutorial accompanies the online text introduction. Many post feedbacks in the comment section. The Working Committee has repeatedly appeal e-commerce giants like Alibaba to remove these products offline. Unfortunately, as of press time, enormous earthworm catching tools are still sold online. According to the shop introduction, these tools are mostly manufactured in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, and many sellers are located in Shenzhen City, Dongguan City, and other regions in Guangdong Province.


online selling of machines for catching earthworms

(Photo source: Internet)

Earthworm plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy soil ecological system and ensuring food security. Many media have reported the threat brought out by massively catching earthworms. Earthworms caught by the electro machine can be sold over 10 yuan each half kilogram after being dried up. Local farmers say it is rare to observe earthworms now. Earthworm contributes to soil formation and functional maintenance: it consumes organics equal to its weight, half of which are released as feces to nourish the soil. Massive earthworm catching will greatly influence soil quality. It is reported that even baby earthworms cannot escape from the high voltage by the electro machine.


The production of illegal hunting tools and selling have impaired public environment interest and violated regulations of the Wild Animal Protection Law, Environmental Protection Law, E-Commerce Law, etc. The Working Committee calls on Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation to carry out a special campaign to investigate the selling of electro earthworm machines and regulate the online market, imposing strict punishment to enterprises and individuals who produce illegal catching tools and conserving the guardians of nature.


The Working Committee welcomes your reports on electro earthworms. Let’s work together to conserve the protector of soil health.


comments of buyers

(Photo source: Internet)


Original Chinese article:


By / Wang Yanqing Modified / Maggie




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