When the Innocent Birds Crashed into the Deadly Glass Wall | CBCGDF Research Team Urges Changping’s Landscaping Bureau to Expedite Investigation and Treatment to Protect Birds

On April 5th, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) received reports from volunteers that a self-built house located between the Unit 18 and Unit 19 in Beihuanli Community, Changping District, Beijing, is covered with pieces of mirrors which show the reflection of the sky, and many migratory birds are influenced to mistake the fly route and thus dash onto the mirrors. Lots of birds, including nationally protected species, have died of the collisions. We sincerely call on joint efforts to improve the living condition of birds.


According to the video shot by volunteers, the staff of CBCGDF confirms that the light reflex triggered by the glass coating of the building is the root. Later, the staff identifies the exact location of the building by comparing the image in the video with the satellite map and street view.


Colleagues of CBCGDF take notice that the glass building blocks a small ecological corridor as it is supposed to be a smooth street. The building is congestion, especially taking the light reflex into consideration. It is no wonder that birds are easily misled. You can tell the building was under construction from the picture. By far, we have no idea that who is in charge of the construction, and whether to evaluate the environmental impact or not.


We should note that it is hard for birds to observe the existence of glass despite they have good vision, especially when they are in high-speed movement. Many birds are injured and died of accidental collisions with the glass building. The image of the sky and plants reflected on glass coatings would make birds misunderstand that there are safe places when they are threatened.


Every death is causing a loss of ecological service function as a bird is widely recognized as the guard of the agricultural production. A nest of swallows can catch 0.5-1 million worms in summer. A titmouse can catch insects with the amount equal to its weight. A scientist has ever carried out research in Shanghai, and find that an owl preys on 315 voles in five months, which means each owl helps save one ton of grains for human beings if we assume it can catch 600 voles each year.


Therefore, CBCGDF Political Research Office attaches great importance to it. Colleagues have contacted relevant departments and made wildlife hotline calls to multiple Gardening and Greening Bureaus in different administrative districts in Beijing. The sub-district office of Changping District is in charge of the issue, and CBCGDF confirmed more details with officers.


On the morning of April 6th, CBCGDF Political Research Office received the response from the Gardening and Greening Bureau of Changping District. The operator on duty took a detailed record and promised to keep us posted. We will urge the authority to fasten the investigation so as to avoid the deaths of birds.



Original Chinese article:


By / Wang Yanqing Modified / Maggie




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