Caofeidian Wetland Has Released More Than 2,000 jins of Fry for the First Time This Year, and an Ecological Conservation Plan Has Been Implemented | CBCGDF Research Department

On the morning of May 14, the 4th site of Caofeidian Wetland and the core area of bird reserve implemented ecological stocking for the first time, and more than 2,000 jins of fish fry were put into the reed fishing wetland there according to the ecological conservation regulations.


This is the first time this year that Caofeidian Wetland and Bird Nature Reserve have stocked fry in the area of the reserve. It is also another new progress made since the reserve made great efforts to promote scientific and standardized management this year. Xue Bo, the deputy head of Caofeidian District, personally attended and guided the event. Relevant responsible persons of the district natural resources and planning Bureau, Qi Farm and Cao Nongfa Group participated in the event. China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) also participated in this event as a special guest.


(Photo credit: the protected area)

The reed fishing wetland where the No. 4 site is located in the core area of the reserve. There is a large surface of fresh water. On the basis of the pre-recharge of the reserve, the basic conditions for ecological stocking are already there.


According to on-site statistics, this stocking activity put a total of more than 900 jins of crucian carp fry, more than 700 jins of carp seedlings, and more than 300 jins of silver carp seedlings on the surface of the No. 4 land, totaling more than 2000 jins.


“This time the stocking is mainly small-sized local fry, and the purpose of ecological stocking is also to meet the foraging conditions of birds,” introduced the wetland management service center of the nature reserve that organized this ecological stocking activity. According to the special conservation plan of the reserve approved in April of this year, for the types of wetlands, water temperature, and the needs of birds in different wetlands in the reserve, different types of fry will be placed in sequence at different time points.

(Photo credit: the protected area)

Up to now, most of the wetlands and wetlands in the core area of the bird reserve have more than 80,000 mu of wetlands, and most of them have completed water replenishment, and only a few areas have not yet completed water replenishment. “Water replenishment is a dynamic process, and it is now the breeding period of the shorebirds in the reserve. They usually spawn and hatch in some safe low water areas, so they cannot suddenly raise the water level significantly to avoid interruption the reproduction of the shorebirds. ” The relevant person in charge of the protected area explained that the water replenishment and ecological stocking of the protected area will be gradually implemented in accordance with the ecological conservation plan. The ecological stocking activities of the entire protected area will continue until the end of August this year.


Shorebrids recently appeared in the protected area (Photo credit: Wang Jianmin)

“In terms of standardized management of wetlands in protected areas, we hope to be able to take a solid step at every step.” Caofeidian Wetland’s relevant management person in charge said. Since March this year, the protected area has successively carried out management mechanisms, closed management of human activities in the core control area, the establishment of a wetland police room, and a consultation meeting of wetland management experts, as well as a series of work such as the expert demonstration meeting of the special management and protection plan, all efforts are still being made to promote scientific and ecological management and protection of this important wetland protection area.


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