CBCGDF Community Conservation Area for Merganser at Changde Carried Out Environmental Protection Public Welfare Operation

To protect birds is to protect the future of humanity. In order to protect the safety of birds in the important wetlands of West Dongting Lake in Hanshou County, Hunan Province, recently, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Community Conservation Area for merganser at Changde (CCAfa)’s director Yan, together with several members of the Hanshou County Brigade of the Green Guardians of Hunan Province formed a joint action team of volunteers. They went directly to several towns in the central area of the West Dongting Lake National Urban Wetland Park to carry out environmental protection public welfare operations for protecting birds.

When the volunteers patrolled Erfangwan Village and Jinjiaba Village of Jiangjiazui Town, they were shocked by the many bird catching nets laid there.

Looking at the large number of birds tragically dying on the nets, the volunteers were sad. While disseminating the knowledge of bird love and bird protection to the local villagers, they actively communicated with the people who set up bird catching nets and got the understanding and cooperation of the local villagers. Volunteers removed 14 bird nets in Erfangwan Village and 2 in Jinjiaba Village. As of that evening, there were birding catching nets not yet removed in Jinjiaba Village. However, due to weather, time and other reasons, volunteers can only choose to go there again another time.

According to the volunteers’ on-site inquiry, locals reported that all bird catching nets were built to protect crops. According to the volunteers’ publicity, local farmers actively cooperated with the demolition and disposed of dead birds’ bodies and bird nets without pollution.

Jiangjiazui Town is the center of the internationally important wetland of West Dongting Lake in Hanshou County, and there are many kinds of resident birds. If this way of protecting crops is left unchecked, as the way spreads, the consequences will be very serious.

Volunteers said it is hoped that the Hanshou County government will urge the relevant departments of Jiangjiazui Town to seriously protect the ecological environment of West Dongting Lake and Jiangjiazui Town, “We must not be insensitive and cold-hearted, and let the birds in Jiangjiazui have a safe sky”.





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