CBCGDF Pangolin Working Group Ran Around All Night, “An’an”, the Chinese Pangolin Was Successfully Released in the Wild | Thanks to the Assistance of All Sectors of Society

On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2020, local people in Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province once again found a suspected injured Chinese pangolin and immediately contacted Wang Yuwei, the head of Dashu Center Station of the Forestry Bureau of Chun’an County.

In order to ensure the scientificity and accuracy of the rescue and protection of this pangolin, Wang, while reported to his superiors, quickly contacted the pangolin working group of the national first-level society China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF). Sophia, the head of the pangolin working group of CBCGDF, was informed and immediately set off from Beijing to Chun’an.

The CBCGDF staff had done nucleic acid test. Because she was in a hurry to go on a business trip and get the test results in time, she contacted the Beijing authorities on the Dragon Boat Festival for help and was able to leave Beijing in time and arrived at the scene overnight.

On the way to Chun’an, Sophia kept in touch with Green Zhejiang and Hangzhou Science Association, Chun’an Science Association, and Dashu Town Science Association, while communicating with Wang about scientific sampling and field release arrangements.

Help from all walks of life is also relaying. The Chunan County Center for Disease Control and Prevention specially prepared a health test box for pangolins; the Chunan County Women’s Federation helped to dock the headlights and other supplies; Professor Zhu Zengrong from Zhejiang University specially prepared a sampling tool to help check the health of pangolins.

At 11:30 that evening, Sophia arrived in Dashu Town. After sampling this pangolin’s nasal secretions and other tissues, it was successfully released in the field at 1 am on June 26.

From learning the news to rushing to the scene, to scientific sampling and smooth field release, although traveling all the way, for Sophia, this is just the situation of pangolin protection and normalization for many years. But the difference is that this time there is full assistance and relay from all walks of life. Everyone working together is more joy than hard work!

It is understood that this is a male Chinese pangolin, and it is also the first pangolin to be discovered locally since it was upgraded to a national first-level protected animal, and organized rescue, scientific research and wild release work with all sectors of society.

In order to commemorate the CBCGDF and Dashu Forestry Central Station, the local science associations at all levels, and the related work was completed efficiently, this pangolin was named the Chinese name is “Linke”, the English name is “An’ an”.

In August 2019, the Dashu Forestry Station in Chun’an County once received and rescued a Chinese pangolin discovered by local villagers. After a good health check, it was quickly released into the wild. Sophia once went to Chun’an last year to conduct a survey on this pangolin wild release location and prepared for the esetablishment of a CBCGDF’s Community Conservation Area for Chinese pangolin (CCAfa).

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