Some of the Haihe River System and Other Basins May Have a Large Flood, CBCGDF Volunteers Rushed to Haixing Wetland for Patrol Protection

On June 11, 2020, the Hydrology and Water Resources Monitoring and Forecasting Center introduced at a press conference that, according to the latest forecast, this year’s flood season, regional storms and floods may be heavier than normal, and waterlogging is more important than drought. The rainy areas in the north are mainly distributed in northern Huanghuai, most of North China, most of Northeast, western Inner Mongolia to north-northwest, and some rivers in the Haihe River Basin may have large floods.

Hebei Haixing Wetland and Bird Provincial Nature Reserve is located on the west bank of the Bohai Bay in the east of Haixing County. It is part of the Yundong Coastal Plain in the east of the Hebei Plain and is an important stop on the migratory bird flight route. The rivers and ditches in this wetland reserve are criss-crossed, forming a undulating geomorphic feature, and the micro-geomorphic differences are quite large. Because of its unique geographical location, complex and diverse wetland ecological environment, and rich food resources, it attracts more than 200 species of birds to transit and inhabit there every year.

At the same time, it is not only a habitat rich in life, but also has functions of flood control, runoff adjustment, water quality improvement, and microclimate adjustment. It is also a natural “sponge” for water storage and flood control.

Therefore, on the occasion of the flood season, in order to observe the situation of Haixing Wetland, in order to prevent future problems, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) volunteers in Cangzhou rushed to the wetland early in the morning on June 17 to conduct a field inspection. According to the feedback from the volunteers on the spot, Haixing Wetland is still in the state of irrigation, and the water level in the core area has been restored to the highest level in the previous breeding period. In addition, the scenes of birds flying in the wetland can be observed from the videos recorded by volunteers.

According to the staff, two trucks of various types of fish have been released in the core area of the wetland recently. When the staff of the CBCGDF Research Department went to Haixing Wetland to conduct a field survey of the biodiversity assessment project in May, they discovered a large number of fish that had died in the past due to lack of water. In addition, according to volunteers, “the preparation of a protected area on the west side of the hill in the experimental area and the construction of the basic project of the Science Education Center will gradually improve management capabilities.”

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By / Jiahui (Intern) Modified / Maggie



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