Zhou Jinfeng Was Interviewed by Guangdong TV Station: The Supervision and Punishment of Electric Shocking Earthworm Equipment Should Be Increased, or EPIL Will Be Filed in This Regard

Recently, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) accepted an exclusive interview with Guangdong TV Station and answered questions about the electric equipment that use to shock earthworms.

Dr. Zhou emphasized the huge damage caused by the electric earthworm equipment to the ecological environment. Due to the online sales, the sale of electric earthworm equipment became very convenient, and the trend of the use of such equipment continued to increase. Therefore, we must resolutely call on the relevant departments to stop the trading of electric shock earthworm equipment.

Through the detection of online sales, it is found that the sales of electric earthworm equipment in Guangdong are very rampant. Therefore, the market supervision department of Guangdong should be called on to rectify the phenomenon of online sales of electric earthworm equipment. Subsequently, Dr. Zhou explained the legal basis for prohibiting the sale of electric shocking earthworm equipment. The first basis is the “Environmental Protection Law”, in which Articles 5, 6, 30, and 33 all have relevant legal statements-Article 5 sets forth the responsibility for damage; Article 6 states that all organizations and individuals must protect the environment and protect the ecology, and the machines and equipment that shock the earthworm will directly damage the environment and the ecology; Articles 30 and 33 relate to the development and utilization of soil agriculture and ecology, and clearly stipulate the relevant legal provisions. Article 30 stipulates that it shall be based on not damaging the ecological environment, and Article 33 does not allow ecological imbalance.

Therefore, it is illegal to use electric shock to catch earthworms. In addition to the regulations of the “Environmental Protection Law” mentioned above, issued by China’s General Administration of Market Supervision, the “Measures for Supervision and Management of Internet Transactions (Draft for Comment)” also mentioned that transactions on the Internet must comply with environmental protection requirements and cannot sell products that do not meet environmental protection requirements.

In addition, in the “Wildlife Protection Law”, it was also proposed in the beginning with the purpose of protecting wildlife and biodiversity. Electric shocking earthworms will directly damage biodiversity. It not only destroys the species of earthworms, but also destroys the habitat of other species and will destroy agriculture. Because the activity of earthworms in the soil can promote the growth of plants and has an important regulating effect on the group structure, number, activity and distribution of microorganisms. Therefore, killing all earthworms by electric shock will not only destroy species, soil, habitats and agriculture, but also have a huge negative impact on soil and water conservation. Earthworms are a very important part of the relevant ecological environment. In addition to the existing legal aspects, national laws should make up for loopholes in wildlife protection.

Dr. Zhou pointed out that after the appeal was issued, it received the support of many people and the response of experts. Experts generally supported it, and the public generally understood it. We also call on e-commerce companies to assume social responsibility. In fact, companies can do many things, hoping to see their active participation.

What needs to be done in the future? First, a letter will be sent to the relevant departments asking them to implement the relevant rules, which is also part of the National People’s Congress’ decision to ban the consumption of wild animals.

We will also further recommend to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration to add corresponding content to the catalog revision. We will also continue to promote the actions of Guangdong Province. In the past, we mainly asked the General Administration of Market Supervision to carry out the actions. Now we require the relevant departments of the Forestry and Grassland Administration, the Natural Resources Bureau, and the Natural Resources Department to work together.

It should also be included in the local animal protection regulations. It is believed that with the increase of public awareness and the active participation of experts, the relevant departments will soon form effective regulations to take solid steps towards problem resolution.

At the same time, the online e-commerce platforms, manufacturers and operators will also be held accountable. Manufacturers and operators are very clear that this is a tool that destroys the ecology. According to the judicial interpretation of the supreme law of environmental public interest litigation (EPIL), we prepare to prosecute the manufacturers, operators and platform providers of electric shocking earthworm equipment. Therefore, we also remind and warn the relevant parties that they should act vigorously and immediately. If there is no change, the wrong parties will pay a huge price.

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By / Maggie, Mingmei (Intern)




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