CBCGDF On-Site Investigation: A Red-Crowned Crane Farm Hidden in a Golf Course in Shisangling, Changping District, Beijing

On July 2, in order to verify the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) volunteer’s report that a red-crowned crane breeding farm hidden in a golf course in the Ming Tombs (Shisanliang) Reservoir, Changping District, Beijing, CBCGDF staff specifically investigated the “secret corner” on the spot. The following records will be shared with readers who care about the matter.

At 13:55, the team arrived near the golf course, they could hear the sound of some birds in the yard, such as magpies, across the fence.

At 14:20, they arrived at the gate of the golf course. The gate was closed and there was no guard. Arriving at the second locked door, there was no one inside, which was blocked with barbed wire. The team seemed heard the tweet of suspected red-crowned crane. Residents nearby said that there was a security guard on duty, so they decided to continue to look for local personnel.

At 14:49, the security guard on duty was found, but no figure was seen. By telephone, the security guard stated that it was closed.

At 15:09, the team learned from the golf course staff that there were red-crowned cranes in this golf course. Due to this year’s epidemic, the site has long been closed and will not be open to the public; planning is under way and it will be built into a park next year. Then they learned that it might be a water park.

At 15:48, the team learned that the reason for raising the red-crowned cranes is that the logo of the enterprise Shunfeng Group behind the course is the red-crowned crane. There will be no business in the near future, and they need to re-plan and expect to open next year. The company also has red-crowned cranes at the Shunjing Garden property near Siyuan Bridge. They also heard that there are clubs and villas in this area, not know the details.

The CBCGDF team particularly noticed that this “hidden corner” is located near the Ming Tombs farmhouse and the Ming Tombs cherry manor. When they got close, could always hear the call of the red-crowned cranes.

At 17:00, the team arrived near the Flower Sea of Qikong Bridge in Changping District. They learned from nearby residents that there is a hole in the barbed wire of the golf course, and some people will sneak through the hole to fish.

Entering from the hole to the inside of the golf course; climbed over a mound, they could see the abandoned clubhouse, and then they saw the red-crowned cranes. They were locked in barbed wire and a total of 12 red-crowned cranes were observed. There is also the abandoned club. Previously, the whistleblower reported there are total 20 of red-crowned cranes. By then, the on-site investigation was basically ended.

At present, the CBCGDF Policy and Research Department has issued an application for information disclosure and released relevant news. They plan to visit the Shunjing Garden in Siyuan Bridge in the near future, and pay close attention to the follow-up progress of the situation.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)


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