A Local Whistleblower Reported to CBCGDF: The Hubei Shishou Landfill Project Falsely Reported the Letter of Commitment Signed by the Farmers

On July 10th, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Policy and Research Department received reports from a local whistleblower about the landfill project in Tanjiashan, Boyakou Village, Diaoguan Town, Shishou City, Hubei Province. The project is close to the villagers’ life center and elementary school, and above a local reservoir.

The project was questioned and opposed by villagers during the filling and paving of roads in Tanjiashan, Boyakou Village. In addition, the local housing construction department once issued a notice that the project has been surveyed by multiple experts for many times. The construction site of the project is set in Boyakou Village, which is the only best place in the city with no choice, but No materials were issued.

The official website of the local government shows that since June last year, with the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and municipal government and the strong support of Boyakou villagers, nearly 90% of farmers have signed a commitment letter to agree to build a sanitary landfill for harmless domestic waste in parts of Tanjiashan, Boyakou Village.

As of May 2020, the administrative approval procedures for the project have been completed. The locals reported that this is absolutely false and was obtained through intimidation, coaxing, coercion and other means.

The whistleblower also reflects that the project is located upstream of a reservoir, which is responsible for the irrigation of local agriculture, which will directly affect the local production and life.

At the same time, the construction site of the project is close to the former residences of some local celebrities and martyrs. Moreover, the local Diaoguan and Boyakou are also the birthplace of bosom friend culture.

After receiving the report, CBCGDF was highly concerned. It is hoped that the local government will be open, fair and transparent in handling landfill projects. While considering municipal construction, the local ecological environment should also be considered.

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By / Zhang Daqian Modified / Maggie

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