CBCGDF Volunteers from Anyang Join Forces with Forest Police and Other Departments to Eradicate Illegal Wildlife Trade | Will Continue to Apply for Information Disclosure

The legal person of the Anyang dog trading market may be the first person to be reported for providing a place for illegal wildlife trading since the Chinese government promulgated the “Wildlife Ban”.

On July 12, 2020, after a report from China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development foundation (CBCGDF) volunteer team in Anyang, Henan Province, the Anyang Public Security Bureau and the Market Supervision Administration completely eradicated the wildlife trade in the pet market in Anyang Pingyuan Bridge.

The era of wild animals being poached and traded because of this pet market is over! “We will continue to guard for at least five years to ensure that the birds and other wild animals that pass by and stay in Anyang safely and deal with any problems arising from this process!” said the volunteers

“We warn those who hunt and trade wild animals to accept punishment in accordance with the law and immediately and permanently abandon this illegal industry. This time, we will also apply to the public security department for government information disclosure to disclose the source of the wild animals in your hands, whether it comes from wholesale or poaching. “The volunteers expressed that they expected the public security organs to follow the vines and finally dig out the poachers behind them and bring them to justice, instead of just confiscating the things as they once did.

According to the volunteers, Anyang Tianbao Flower & Pet Co., Ltd. provided a trading place for illegal wildlife trade and collected fees for the stalls of wildlife operators for eight years and was suspected of violating the criminal law.

“According to the penalties stipulated in Article 51 of the Wildlife Protection Law, we have reported to the public security organs and the Market Supervision Administration. It is recommended to seize his stall rental income account book and order him to suspend business for rectification. “

At the scene, the volunteers also noticed a detail: Public officials from forest police, wildlife protection stations or market supervision bureaus decisively and efficiently detained cages containing wild birds in different stalls, rather than ditching the case in one stall, it would provide time for the wild bird traders in other stalls to escape the scene.

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) volunteers said that the Anyang City Public Security Bureau, the Market Supervision Administration, and the former forest police are the protectors of wild animals, and they are also the strong backing of ecological and environmental protection volunteers. Enforcement impartially is the first choice to protect the personal safety of volunteers. Volunteers will listen to official suggestions, rely on official assistance, follow official guidance, and carry out actions to protect wild animals in accordance with the law.

Those who support the protection of wildlife, the public, media, disciplinary committees, lawyers, and environmental protection organizations inside and outside the province, the volunteers will continue to cooperate with them in depth, and pay attention to the ecological damage and environmental pollution in Anyang.

Volunteers have submitted written government information disclosure applications to the Anyang Forest Public Security and Market Supervision Administration. Application content includes:

1. The full name of the enterprise and the name of the legal representative of the flower and tree, pet market at the northern end, west of the road of the Pingyuan Bridge in Anyang City.

2. Booth fees for buying and selling wild animals collected since the establishment of the above-mentioned enterprises and photocopies of the details of the account books.

3. The above-mentioned enterprises are ordered or not ordered to suspend business for rectification, and the facts and laws based on them.

4. The results of the punishment of the above-mentioned corporate legal persons and the facts and laws based on them.

5. Are the wild animals engaged in trading come from wholesale or hunting? Who is the final hunter? How to deal with it according to law?

6. How to ensure that volunteers are not retaliated by wildlife traders?

After applying for information disclosure, volunteers will continue to follow up on the company’s processing results, including the facts and laws on which it is based.

The CBCGDF volunteers emphasized that the goal of the reporting action on the day was not only the trade of wild animals, but also the legal representative of the Tianbao Flower Pet Co., Ltd. in Anyang City, which provides a venue for illegal wild animal trade, as a warning to others.

In order for the birds to fly safely in Anyang, the volunteers will complete all legal procedures according to the predetermined plan!

(The author of this article is the CBCGDF Anyang volunteer team.)

Original Chinese article:


By / Liu Xiling (Volunteer) Modified / Maggie






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