The Eco-Environment Channel Visited CBCGDF to Jointly Promote Biodiversity Conservation and Raise the Awareness of Ecological Civilization in the Whole Society

On July 20, Zhao Junsheng, the director of the Eco-Environment Channel, and Lan Guoxuan, the chief editor, visited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBDGDF). The Eco-Environment Channel is a professional high-definition television channel with the theme of ecological environment approved by the State Administration of Radio and Television.

In the exchanges between them and Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF, they introduced their respective businesses in the field of ecological and environmental protection, discussed the prospects for future cooperation in the field of biodiversity, and expressed their expectations for sustainable development.

Dr. Zhou first introduced the design concept of the CBCGDF Logo to the visitors, which covers what is biodiversity and the three levels of biodiversity. The core level is genetic diversity. Every species has its special genes, which bring about the ever-changing natural substances in the world; secondly, species diversity; and the third level is ecosystem diversity.

Next, Dr. Zhou gave a comprehensive introduction to the rich experience of CBDGDF from multiple perspectives such as environment, flora and fauna, ecology, and biodiversity, including the construction of more than 160 CBCGDF Community Conservation Area (CCAfa) sites, such as the Ili pika, spotted seal, and Steller Sea Lion, Great Bustard, red-crowned crane, Acer pentaphyllum and other species protection and rescue.

Dr. Zhou also introduced that biodiversity is a new discipline, and there are many people who have great misunderstandings about biodiversity and do not understand it enough. In many places, the feasibility assessment and governance of the environment have run counter to the problem. CBCGDF has published China’s first biodiversity adaptation specification.

Finally, Dr. Zhou said that in the process of CBCGDF’s commitment to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, many very vivid and hot stories have been produced. It is hoped that with the help of the Eco-Environment Channel, more people can understand these stories, so as to better popularize scientific knowledge about the ecological environment, promote the industrial development of the ecological environment and raise the awareness of ecological civilization in the whole society.

The Eco-Environment Channel said that it’s meaningful to learn about this knowledge. It is hoped that both parties can start cooperation around the channel’s “Ecology Civilization Lecture Hall” program, so that more people can benefit from the classroom. At the same time, they also look forward to more cooperation in the future.

Original Cihnese article:

By / Liu Xiling (Volunteer) Modified / Maggie



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